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analysis, audit your trading facilities

Who are we?

  • Mathematics
  • Analysts
  • The experts
  • Marketers
  • And nice people

Anastasiya Vinogradova

Prokurat Dmtitry

Jan Chubukoy

What are we doing

  • We bring new technologies into your business
  • We are looking for methods of analysis for You
  • We counting the performance of your employees
  • We estimate the popularity of the range
  • Did not find the desired? contact us and we will figure out how to help you

How does it work?

  • We get your information for analysis
  • Handle
  • Gets Results
  • Explaining
  • Save for input into math model

How does it work? (in detail)

  • You formulate what results you want to see from our analysis
  • We say what data we need for this
  • You begin to collect data as we write software dubbed purposes
  • pass and we run calculations
  • adjust your business model, until the model predictions do not meet specified goals

How does it work?

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We solve problems:

  • calculation of efficiency of employee
  • forward the balance of goods
  • large storage savings
  • the number and training of staff
  • long lines

We are doing:

  • introducing performance evaluation system
  • parting the goods so bought more
  • draw up a plan of purchases
  • train employees
  • optimize the schedule of employees


  • Tricky bartender
  • Remote workers
  • Problem items
  • Long lines
  • What advice to user?
  • I want to ask
  • How many visitors buy?

Tricky bartender

You have opened the bar and got a job bartending. First, the development went according to plan, but then proceeds linearly beginning ceased to grow and began to deviate from the planned results.

Not enough advertising? Bartenders have something to hide? A crisis? Camel?

Remote workers

You have to store a new employee, and it was decided to put it in bulk to a section of the finished product. After this solution daily revenue in this section start to decrease slightly.

How to determine why it began to decline? whether to replace an employee? Which department to transfer the employee?

Problem items

You have to implement a trial shipment. His return is impossible, but it is practically implemented.

How to sell product?

Long lines

In your store a lot of banks, with the visitors complain about long queues, and when you see it you see that the cashiers sit without customers.

create Rasspisaniye effektivvnost employees to maximize long queues and do not occur

What advice to user?

You have a clothing store. Buyers absolute majority buy 1 item, although there are associated.

what to say, as a consultant to advise that the buyer took to the main product anything else

I want to ask

You have a clothing store in a remote place. at the same time in the shop often be 20 clients. 2. konsmultantov sales do not meet expectations.

What advisers should be? how to predict the hot hours?

How many visitors buy?

Are you a manufacturer of perishable products. The seller asks you regularly goods, with a lot of left him, or all sold very quickly

How to forecast sales for each point of sale, to the losses were minimal?

What we can offer:

A large assortment Small range
Big store Small store branded not branded

Supermarkets, shops with lots of desks and self-service

  • Analysis of the location of goods
  • Analysis of the location of the windows
  • Analysis of the balance of goods
  • Count of residues on the shelves (automaticaly)
  • work schedules of cashiers
  • employee productivity
  • Help to increase loyalty
  • metric buyers

a small shop with no self-service.

  • Identification of the anchor and related products
  • Analysis of the location of goods
  • Schedule staff
  • efficiency Analysis
  • Increase Loyalty
  • Metrics buyers

Jewelry stores, brand clothing, restaurant, cafe, bar

  • the location of the goods on display / menu
  • Identify hotspots store
  • Increased staff loyalty
  • Analysis of efficiency windows, promotional racks, stands
  • metric buyers

Clothing store without brands, department stores

  • optimization of procurement
  • optimizing the location of goods
  • schedule employees
  • increase loyalty
  • metric buyers




skype: prokuratik

ways where we are better

  • we are impartial
  • analyzing the figures and visual information
  • We are using statistics to predict
  • effective fortunetellers
  • operational control of the state of your business
  • frequent and understandable reports on email
  • emergency immediate notification
  • Method cheaper competitors

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